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Football Musings
Here you will find a selection of hilarious quotes, pictures and audio clips from the world of football, to keep you amused for hours on end. Add this page to your 'favourites' on your browser toolbar as the contents of this page are updated regularly.

Absolutely hilarious radio show excepts featuring ornate windups,
anecdotes and tomfoolery from the infamous Danny Baker. Make
sure your speakers are on to listen to these football funnies.
Gorgeous haircuts modelled by stylish soccer aces.
This free Caricature site is unique, with cartoon images of football players from past and present like you've never seen them before !
Topical football funnies from the Online Gooners.
A fine selection of Football jokes.
Famous historical quotes attributed to modern day footie.
Read your horoscope from a footballing point of view.
Find out which famous celebrities support your team.

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