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Football Collectors Cards (or football trading cards as they are commonly known) are so named because you can trade them or swap them. Packets of cards are purchased in order to collect the basic main set. You can find and collect the special and rare 'chase cards', also known as 'insert' cards.

10 Tips for Successful Card Collecting

1 The first thing you need is interest. The more interest you have the
    better your card collection will be. Because card collecting is fun
    and interesting, you can spend hours on your collection and feel
    satisfied. Plus, you will have something valuable that you can

2 English Premier League is probably the most interesting of all
    card collecting due to the massive following, especially in Europe
    & Asia and the vastly growing interest in other parts of the world.
    The more collectors there are the bigger the demand for cards
    becomes and therefore, the higher the value of your cards.

3 Do your research. Study so you know who are the good players to
    collect, it’s not always the current stars. Some of the legends are
    extremely valuable and young players who show promise can be
    valuable in the future.

4 Quality or quantity? If you are coming back to collecting trading
    cards after a number of years away, you will notice the massive
    improvement in quality. First of all the photos on the cards all look
    better. The colours are more vibrant and attractive. Also, the stock
    the cards are printed on is much heavier so they are more durable
    and last longer.

5 Look for the special insert cards. Manufacturers have done some
    amazing things so that collecting is more fun and the value of
    certain cards escalates fairly rapidly. The most exciting are the
    limited edition chase cards that are randomly inserted in the
    packs. Such chase cards include chrome cards, autographed
    cards, foil coated, gold edged, holograms, 24 ct Gold plated cards
    with special serial numbers and cards that are embedded with a
    piece of a players shirt. All of these cards can be extremely

6 Having many of the cards in a collection is worthwhile, but a
    collection that has completed sets is much healthier, not to
    mention more valuable.

7 If you are collecting as a way of investing your money, there are
    several things you should remember. Firstly, you get what you pay
    for. This means you are going to have to spend some money to
    make a lot. You will want to purchase cards from the short-run
    series, the ones that are printed in limited numbers, as they are
    worth more.

8 Search out the players in their first seasons or ‘Rookies’ as they
    are known in American collecting terms. They are usually worth
    more than the players more recent cards. Also look out for the
    players from at least 10 years ago as they can also be worth more.
    One particular autographed 'George Best' card from the Futera
    Manchester United 1997 series recently sold for over US$1,500!


9 One thing you may want to consider is buying a box or a number of
    boxes of cards from a particular series and then holding on to the
    boxes without opening them.

10 A good way to start is to buy a few packs, or a box, do some
       research on the net to find out the values of the cards you have
       and then build from there by targeting the packs and boxes from
       the series that have rare and more expensive cards in them. It is
       a great hobby that you should never be too old or young to keep
       up with.

With the advent of the 'Internet', trading card collecting has become big business as collectors all over the world are seeking the ordinary 'man in the street' card owners to bid for specific numbered cards to complete their collections.

When you buy a pack or box of cards, it should tell you on the reverse of the packet or box what the odds are of finding a Chase Card. A ratio of 1:3 means that there is one of a particular Chase Card in approximately every third pack. Likewise, 1:1000 means there is one of a particular Chase Card in approximately every one thousand packs. If you find one of these you could have a very valuable card indeed! – Please refer to Card values to get an idea of the trading value of a particular card.

For millions of football fans and collectors all over the world, the pleasure of card collecting comes from simply completing a whole set. It is a huge bonus that cards have a sell-on value. What makes a card more collectable is the rarity of the card, the quality of its design and print plus the subject matter.

People are even buying packs and boxes of cards from teams they do not even support! Why? So that they can make a complete collection of their favourite player!

So, if you are new to card collecting get started right here and if you are a seasoned collector we are sure that we’ve got something that you need.

Enjoy and have fun!

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